Cargo Lifts

Our cargo lifts are excellent for raised coastal region homes and are routinely used to transport groceries, luggage, and even large items such as furniture and refrigerators.

Galaxy Cargo Lifts

More Than Just a Cargo Lift,
It's Safety and Security

Are you tired of carrying groceries or luggage up and down stairs? Struggling to move furniture in or out of your home? If so, a Galaxy Cargo Lift is your solution! Easily move all of your groceries, luggage, and bulky items between levels of your home with ease.

Engineered with welded aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware giving you up to 1,200 lbs. of lifting capacity and 14 ft. per minute lift speed. You can rest assured that moving your items is done safely and with ease.

4 Models Available

SMART SHUTTLE® our most affordable cargo lift.
VOYAGER II CARGO LIFT for heights up to 17 ft.
VOYAGER II PREMIUM CARGO LIFT for heights up to 27 ft.
ORION CARGO LIFT for larger, heavier loads.

Professional Installation and DIY Kits available.

Backed by the best cargo lift warranty in the business

Galaxy Cargo Lift

Voyager II

Galaxy Lift, LLC’s bullet-proof and proven cargo lift, the Voyager II, was the first Galaxy model and continues to be a sought-after solution for many installations in the cargo lift market.

The Voyager II comes standard with 4” I-beams and is suggested for travel heights less than 17 feet. The Voyager II often meets the needs of homeowners ready for the safety and convenience of a lift. Custom add-ons and options can result in a lift that meets your every requirement.

Voyager II Premium

Galaxy has taken the Voyager II to the next level with the Premium model. Same lift, but extra height and durability. Designed and engineered to travel up to 27 feet, the Voyager II Premium comes standard with 5” I-beams for added rigidity and our SDS© braking system, a safety add-on for higher travel heights.


The Smart-Shuttle™ is an innovative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Lift. The Smart-Shuttle is designed for applications where a larger basket model would not fit. This model comes standard with our composite flooring and a complete DIY kit with an installation manual. Galaxy’s online technical assistance is also available.


Galaxy’s newest and largest cargo lift, the Orion, comes standard with three 5″ I-beams allowing it to accommodate up to a 1,200 lbs. capacity. This versatile lift is available from 87.5″ up to a 110″ wide, making it ideal utilized in industrial settings to move heavy loads between floors.The Orion can also be used as a motorcycle lift, as seen on the Discovery Channel’s “Garage Rehab” hosted by Richard Rawlings.

Beach Butler Cargo Lifts

The Beach Butler

The Beach Butler cargo lift transports up to 1000 lbs. This cargo lift has a convenient remote control operation and is simple and easy to use.The Beach Butler lifts at a rate of 12 feet a minute and has a lockout feature that prevents unauthorized usage.

Materials include both aluminum and stainless steel construction for quality build. Its double drive system ensures safe operation.

Two and three-story models are available.

Who needs a Beach Butler Cargo Lift?
Anyone who is tired of lugging everyday cargo up and down stairs like groceries from their car and up the stairs or taking out the trash for the evening.

5 Types Available

  • Single Gate 2 stop
  • Single Gate 3 stop
  • Double Gate 2 stop
  • Double Gate 3 stop
  • SL 500 Basket Lift

Beach Butler SL-500 Mini

This 500 lbs capacity lift is perfect for getting cargo to the 2nd or 3rd level with a shallow basket that travels right to the top of existing railing making it an ergonomic way to transport loads

Harmar Cargo Lift

Harmar Inclined Cargo Lift

Harmar’s Incline Cargo Lift makes lifting large, heavy, or bulky items up and down stairs much easier and safer!

  • Extruded aluminum track available in custom lengths
  • Operates on 115 VAC household current
  • Platform folds to save space when not in use
  • Mounts to staircase (not wall)
  • Intended to carry cargo only
  • Constant-pressure controls stop the lift the instant you release the control
  • Limit switches automatically shut unit off at the top and bottom of the stairs