Easy Climber Residential Elevators

Here at AMS, we pride ourselves on providing customers with top-of-the-line products that are manufactured right here in the U.S. We spent years searching for a residential elevator that not only looks great but is also innovative in form and function. We are proud to present our customers with the Easy Climber Residential Elevator.  The Easy Climber Elevator meets or exceeds all federal and local regulations … but we didn’t stop there. This revolutionary home elevator sets a new standard for protecting you – even in the most unlikely of circumstances. With more than a dozen industry-leading safety features, your trips between floors will be smooth and secure.

SHC Elevators

The SHC elevator virtually eliminates concerns regarding power outages. The unit can run multiple trips (10+), in BOTH directions, on its own batteries. Easy Climber elevators also require no service contract, unlike industry-standard hydraulic units.


Compact design retrofits into almost any home with minimal construction.

Open Design

The open-view design allows you to see out and in at all times.

Cost Effective

Affordable and quick to install with no major construction or pit/machine room need.

Multiple Options

Choose from a hoist-way or no hoist-way with many different models to choose from to fit any need.

Best Warranty in the Industry

SHC elevators come with the best warranty in the industry giving 3 years on the drive train, motor, and electronics and a 2-year warranty on the batteries.


The EC-350 Easy Climber Elevator is a compact one person elevator with a small foot print able to pass through the floor with only a 3ftx 3ft foot print with a front entry, front exit design making it perfect for tight spaces.


The EC-450 Easy Climber Elevator is our most popular model with a 3ft x 4ft  foot print with a front entry, front exit design this two person elevator works perfectly in many applications and can accommodate walkers and most standard rollators.


The EC-550 model is a 2 person elevator with a standard size of 4ft x 4ft and alows for side entry and exit as well a pass through option allowing multiple entry and exit points.